The Characters


Myrto is devoted to her family and to Kythera. Nothing could be further from her mind than to leave her home and island with her beau, George, who wants to find a future in Australia. Her purity and loyalty to family and home override any material considerations like a career or material possessions, or even her relationship with George. 


George, passionate and emotional, is caught between various love interests and a realistic future outside Greece. Like so many young Greeks, he must choose between the limbo of youth unemployment or a career outside the country. Confused by the pressure of the decision and the encouragement of his lovers, George represents a youth whose hope is slowly being eroded by the demands of society.


Poppy is the salt of the Kytherian earth, with a voice made to carry over a few valleys and then some. Modest, hardworking and deceptively clever, she loves her life on Kythera but won't let that stand in the way of the adventure which lies before her. Sisterly devotion to her bachelor brother Giorgos comes above all, even above the high-ranking in the Kytherian establishment who vie for her attention.


Giorgos is a decision maker. Life on the land has taught him how decisiveness is the key to success, whether it be with crops or fruit trees or his beloved bees. With a voice like a rusty chain saw, and a heart as big as one of his water melons, Giorgos looks after his sister and his bees with patience and care, and when he makes his big decision, there is no question of leaving either behind.

Father George

How much understanding can a priest show when things get pushed to the limit? Father George knows no boundaries, or does he? A native to Kythera, the good Father has been consoling his many parishioners for decades. He knows the quirks and uniqueness of his flock and knows better than anyone what is going down on Kythera. His popularity among all sections of Kythera society comes down to his tolerance of the new ways of the young and his love of the old traditions. Quiet, unassuming but passionate, Father George is the man to have at your side when the going gets tough. 


Vasili lives in the legendary village of Petrouni, also the home of notorious King of the Rams "Billy" (see below). Vasili is Kythera's original hippy. He came for a visit to the island 60 years ago and forgot to leave. Always on the move, usually on his cute monkey-motorcycle overloaded with whatever he has found on his travels, Vasili knows all the island gossip and family histories and is thus one of the most knowledgeable Kytherians, even though he isn't really one. 


Vasili's daughter Maria is the first person he tells the island gossip to. Used to his rantings, she is a good but critical listener, and this keeps her father from going off the scale with his stories. While her father is a great fan of Kythera, she is more ambivalent about her life on the island.


Vicky is George's little sister and runs the travel agency in the commercial centre of the island, Potamos. Ever helpful and considerate, she has to deal with all sorts of enquiries from islanders, not all of whom are seasoned travellers...


"Elpida" means "hope" in Greek, and that is what she represents in the film. In addition she is a head-strong and moody young woman who does not put up with any nonsense from her admirers. Elpida understands the value which her species has to Kythera and has a clear opinion of the hierarchy of the animal world - including humans - around her. 


Benny is Elpida's big brother and the two stick together like glue. As in any good family, they look after each other, share their food and support the ambitions and weather the tribulations of each other. And they share lots of jokes about the frivolous humans around them. Introverted and modest by nature, Benny isn't anywhere near as impetuous as his little sister. 

King Billy

Billy is Benny and Elpida's mighty father, the king of the goats on Kythera. The island's top stud-ram is in constant demand in all corners of Kythera and knows the place like the back of his hoof. He also controls the weed trade and, with the help of Sotiri the donkey, makes sure his "business" is free of competition and that no-one gets hurt who doesn't deserve it. 


Ex-Hellenic Special Forces, Sotiri is Billy's island enforcer.  Able to speed to any point on Kythera within a day or two, Sotiri takes care of the "dirty work" which King Billy deems necessary to keep the island "clean" of competition in the lucrative weed trade. When not on "duty" Sotiri blends into the island landscape like a chameleon, the perfect cover for his adventurous profession.


Tasia is Poppy and Giorgos' trendsetting cat. In addition to the rodents she regularly dines upon, she has at least four sets of "owners" who feed her, each of whom believes that she is devoted only to them. Despite her voracious appetite, Tasia's enviable figure is maintained by regular roaming from family to family and by a tape-worm which she fondly refers to as "Tommy". Like most beasts of fashion, Tasia is willing to risk her health in this way to remain slim and á la mode.