The Composer: Katya Sourikova

Katya Sourikova was born in St.Petersburg, raised in London and currently lives in Berlin.


After completing her studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, she spent the next 10 years composing for and performing with various ensembles around the world. As a band leader she has released 4 albums and has collaborated with artists from Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Norway and Latvia resulting in beautiful nuanced music that embraces many genres without subscribing fully to any of them.


Kythera mon Amour

Katya was introduce to the film's director James Prineas through a musician friend and he was quickly impressed by Katya's chameleon ability to imbibe music styles foreign to her and make them her own. The goal of creating memorable tunes with a rich Levantine tonality characteristic of the 1920s in Greece was brilliantly achieved in a matter of weeks. The intricacies of the tunes even inspired the director to re-edit the film around the multilayered rhythms created in Katya's score.

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