James Prineas

Writer, Director, Cameraman and Editor


Born in Sydney, Australia of Kytherian heritage, James Prineas was interested in photography from a young age. After finishing school he travelled for 6 years spending much of the time on the island of his paternal grandparents, Kythera. Over the past two decades, James has completed many Kythera-related projects including the cultural archive www.kythera-family.net, the exhibition and book A Village on Kythera, Kythera from the Air, The Book, a collection of short stories entitled The Kytherians, Kythera from the Air: The Movie, and in 2016, Kythera mon Amour.

Theodora Kaprálou

Script Editor



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Vicky Theocharopoulou

Script Editor


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Panayioti Diacopoulos

2nd Camera


Born in Sydney, Australia, Panayioti recently graduated with a BFA from the Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) in Ohio, USA, majoring in Cinematic Arts. He has experience in making documentary videos, short sequences, and instructional videos. He is also a photographer who enjoys traveling and taking photographs of architecture, natural landscapes, and people. He likes to experiment with macro photography, especially of plants and insects, and also food photography. He is proud of his Greek heritage and spends most of his summers in Greece where he has also participated on archaeological projects as a videographer/photographer. His photo editing skills are advanced, especially with publication-quality photographs of archaeological artefacts. In 2014 he completed a summer internship in Scotland where he produced a promotional video for Creative Sterling, an artist co-operative, based in Sterlin. He currently freelances with a Sports television channel in the USA."



Louie Betton

Continuity Manager


Louie is a seasoned film professional, having played various roles in many TV productions in his native Germany – see www.louiebetton.com. This experience was invaluable in his role as continuity manager on set and in the editing room. His flexibility on set was also prized – he was able to lend a hand and solve problems on many occasions, especially in the sound department. 


Jasper Betton

Set Manager


Jasper was engaged in the film-making process while holidaying on the island. His resourcefulness and agility made him the perfect go-to person and his rapport with actors (including the non-human) helped to streamline each scene he was involved with.


Pia Betton

Set Assistent


Danish organisational talent and impeccable taste made Pia a much valued member of the Kythera mon Amour crew. Her professional attitude and winning smile helped the non-professional actors in the cast feel confident and her dynamic personality won all hearts. 

Rhodea Neau

Sound Assistent


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