Giorgos Papageorgiou

Plays "George"

Myrto Petrochilou

Plays "Myrto"


Myrto Petrochilou was born and raised in Athens but has Kytherian ancestry. She is a graduate of the National Center of Circus Arts-Circus Space London,the professional dance school of Rallou Manou and City University of London (MA Cultural Policy & Management)

She has collaborated as a performer with organizations such as the Greek National Opera, the Athens Concert Hall,with independent companies for the Athens Dance& Theater Festival and with Circus/Dance Festivals in UK.

She teaches contemporary dance and aerial technique/improvisation.

Poppy Koroneou

Plays "Poppy"


Poppy was born and raised on Kythera, and is an unforgettable character in everyday life in the north of the island. Generous, good-natured and genuinely lovely, Poppy has the charisma of an opera singer and a voice to match! To have visited Karavas and not to have come across Poppy or at least heard her call across the valley to her brother or sheep, is like visiting the Louvre and having missed the Venus de Milo.

Georgos Koroneos

Plays "Georgos"


George epitomises the term "natural talent". Although he didn't studying acting or theatre, his nonchalance on camera rivals that of Humphrey Bogart and his sparks of mimicry would have brought Marlon Brando to his knees.


In addition to his blooming acting career, George has the island rhythm down to a tee - together with his sister Poppy they lovingly care for a variety of animals, trees and market gardens.

Petros Tsachalidis

Plays "Father George"


When not revealing his considerable acting skills, Petros is teaching prime numbers and modern and ancient Greek arithmetic to his students in an Athenian high-school. He was discovered by the film crew while holidaying on Kythera and his flawless acting prowess has astounded all who have worked with him and seen the film.

Vasili Psyliotis

Plays "Vasili"


A born actor, Vasili has been keeping "audiences" entertained for decades, and, together with Jack Nicholson, define the counter-culture-anti-hero of their generation.


Vasili lives in the legendary village of Petrouni, also the home of notorious King of the Rams "Billy". Now a widower living with his recently widowed daughter and grandchildren, Vasili is a true family man who takes the health and well-being of his family seriously and is an integral part of the Kytherian landscape himself. 

Vicky Theocharopoulou

Plays "Vicky"