"An Island named Desire" is now being edited and will be ready in early 2018!


1000 Kytherians can't be wrong! After sell-out premieres on Kythera, in Berlin, Sydney and Brisbane, to enthusiastic audiences young and old, bold and beautiful, Greek and non-Greek, we are now on path to produce Kythera mon Amour 2, "An Island Named Desire". It will be filmed in mid-2017 and in the cinema in this coming October! All your favourite stars from the first film will be back, and new unique island characters will also be on hand to reveal the spices of Kytherian life. 


But we need your help to achieve our goals! You can support the production of the sequel by sponsoring one or more of the packages below and you'll receive special rewards including free DVDs, streaming rights and tickets to the premieres. Indirectly you'll be supporting the island of Kythera as well: the new film will reach a wide audience, many of whom will be inspired to visit the island thus helping the local economy. 

About the Film

Leaving your mother and home for another country can be a test of will for the best Greek island bachelor, but when young George has to choose between a future in Australia or an array of quirky passionate commitments in an economically stricken Greece, his willpower is put to the test. And, on the other side of the island, when Poppy and Georgos, brother and sister in the countryside of Kythera, make a bold decision about their future, not even their bees can stop gossiping... 


Despite the array of captivating characters, the protagonist of the film is most certainly the island of Kythera itself, full of heroic landscapes and melancholic stories. 

Meet Giorgos, ready to leave the island for the first time.

Meet Poppy, the Voice of Kythera.

Meet George, torn between love and hope.

Meet Myrto, pure in her devotion to the island.

Meet Vasili, Kythera's Santa Claus.

Meet Father George, passionately tolerant.

Meet Elpida, who has a problem with sheep.

Film Overview

Kythera mon Amour is a multifaceted Greek island comedy-drama which explores the motivation to emigrate – both in the past and the present – from the mythological paradise. Trying to leave a utopia is the crux of the Kytherian dilemma: being driven by the head and drawn back by the heart. Kythera is harsh/ lush, poor/rich, lazy/dynamic. As the character of Myrto points out, it is the easiest place to exist spiritually, and the hardest to survive economically. 


Within the tragic love-quadrangle he has created, George, the young protagonist, is held back from a new future, less by the physical attractions of the island, but more by the realisation he is losing hope in Kythera, represented by "Elpida", his great love. On the other side of the island Poppy and Georgios solve the displacement dilemma of migration by taking with them what is most precious to them: each other and George's irreplaceable bees.


Choreographed to reflect the lethargic rhythm of Greek island life to the original music of composer Katya Sourikova, the film picks up speed as the departure of the protagonists grows near and the complexity of doomed relationships becomes apparent. 


Heartbreaking, picturesque and comic, Kythera mon Amour will warm the heart and reveal the essence of a unique island.




"Breathtaking cinematography and hilarious storytelling."